ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: First look at ‘Storage Wars’ episode

After we saw a story on “Castle” last night that took our heroes deep into the world of local news, we are now going to see them heading to something that is in many ways inspired by another popular reality show: “Storage Wars.”

So what’s the premise of the hour? Based on what we seen in the first promo (below) for the episode, it appears to revolve largely around the idea of Castle and Beckett trying to engage in some sort of bidding war for some products that are being held at an auction … and one of them just so happens to be a valuable piece of evidence for a case. We’re hoping that this will shows us effectively some of the crazy intensity that we see in these sort of shows, which at the same time injecting plenty of humor that we have come to know and love from the show.

As for some random observations, it looks like Beckett is already getting over her boyfriend being straddled by a certain entertainment reporter fairly effectively, at least well enough to flirt with him while simultaneously still sounding like a serious detective. It’s a move that only so many people can pull off, and it gives us some hope that the new relationship between these two is actually going to reinvigorate the show and make it even more fun rather than act as a source of mellowing Castle and Beckett out to the point where they have lost their edge.

What do you think about the idea for this episode, and what sort of reality show-inspired episode are you hoping to see next?

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