Suits season 8 episode 14 preview: The crisis around Scottie

Suits season 8What do you want to see coming up on Suits season 8 episode 14? Well, we’re going to be getting a chance to see another face-off.

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Of course, what makes this particular face-off a little bit different is that it involves the return of one Abigail Spencer as Scottie. At this point, it should be clear to everyone that Dana Scott is a key player within the Suits universe. She’s been around for some time and even though she doesn’t turn up often, she does often make the most of the time that she has. We’re excited to see whatever is going to be happening next week, as the promo certainly seemed to suggest that we are going to see her go toe-to-toe with Samantha and potentially also Donna. She doesn’t work at the same firm, and that’s something that everyone — especially Harvey — has to remember. Even if she appears on the surface to be on your side, the reality here is that she’s not. One way or another, she finds a way to throw a wrench into things and cause a little bit of chaos.

Below, CarterMatt offered up the official Suits season 8 episode 14 synopsis with some more information as to what’s coming:

Harvey’s forced to choose a side when Samantha and Scottie go toe-to-toe. Louis represents Lipschitz.

What we know about Harvey at this point is that he has a tendency to rely a little too much on notions of the past. He often looks at it poetically, so in facing off against Scottie, he may think of her a little too kindly than he really should. When the dust settles, she is an adversary and it doesn’t matter if that is something that he picks up on at first. We do think that he eventually will, though, especially if Donna gets involved. He hasn’t gotten to where we would like him for him to in terms of his feelings yet, but he is absolutely well on his way there. For the record, we’re very much excited to get the Louis Litt storyline here, as well — even if we haven’t seen all that much of him on the show.

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