The World’s Best: Is Dimash Kudaibergen the favorite to win?

Dimash KudaibergenTonight, The World’s Best may have saved one of its best performers for last in Dimash Kudaibergen — he’s a revelation. Also, he can do things that virtually nobody else can.

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Dimash closed the show tonight with a performance that showed the full extent of his vocal range — he’s a singing monster. There’s a reason that he’s called the Six-Octave Man, and it’s because he isn’t afraid of any note or any single part of the scale. He can go low with his music, but also go high. It’s also not just about his range — it’s also about his ability to make things musical along the way. It’s great that he is such an accomplished vocalist but then add to this his ability to bring so much power and emotion to what he does. It takes everything to another level in a profound way.

Following the performance tonight, RuPaul Charles proclaimed that Dimash is one of the reasons why this show was created — and we firmly agree with that. This is a guy who could easily go all of the way this season and potentially win. What we’re hoping now is that we get to see even more performances from him that show off not only his skill but his ability to change styles.

How good is he?

Well, let’s talk in terms of the overall score here — 98! He managed to get a perfect score from the American judges, but there were two people among the Wall of the World who did not vote for him. Those two had some rather odd criticisms for him, mostly in that he almost did too much. What do you really expect from the guy? We think that now that he has shown us what he can do, he can take those criticisms if he wants — but we don’t care, mostly because he’s phenomenal and we want to see him stick around for a long time this season. We’ll see if it happens.

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