Outlander season 5: Should we expect more Fraser’s Ridge?

Outlander season 4As we prepare for Outlander season 5 to begin filming, it’s clear that Fraser’s Ridge is very much an important character. It may not speak, but it certainly lives and breathes. This is a thriving ecosystem with an ever-changing environment, animals, arrivals, and familiar faces.

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Entering the new season, it also feels like it could take center stage even more — and that’s without even thinking too much about any book spoilers. For one, we know that there is an expansion of the homestead itself. Production designer Jon Gary Steele revealed already that production is working on the Big House, a more fitting residence for the expanding family at the center of this story. Back when Jamie and Claire first resided in the cabin, they did so without knowing that Brianna and Roger would eventually find them.

Now, things are going to have to change. It feels feasible that there could be at least one or two notable characters at the Ridge at all times and that it could feel closer to home than ever. There’s a great sense of irony here, mostly in that this is a place that could be in serious danger at times; yet, it’s also a place many viewers would likely want to spend some time. There’s a sense of fantasy within what is actually still a realistic world.

How much of Fraser’s Ridge are we now expecting in season 5? Certainly a good bit more than what we saw in season 4, given that we’ll be there presumably from the start and there may be less navigating back to the present. However, we don’t necessarily anticipate it being featured the same way. Think about all the different methods in which it could be used.

For starters, think about some potential new arrivals! One of the goals with Governor Tryon giving Jamie the land was that he would build it into a community, and that surely means that more settlers are going to come beyond just people that he knows. It’s feasible that eventually, we get more of Fergus, Marsali, and Murtagh there alongside Roger and Bree, but it should go beyond that. Adding the Big House means that there’s a new location that we’ll have a chance to explore.

Then, there’s also the potential of conflict breaking there — at least eventually. Depending on how Jamie navigates the situation with Murtagh and Tryon, eventually it’s conceivable that a battle could take place there — we don’t exactly see Jamie siding with the British forever, especially with them wanting Murtagh’s blood and with Claire knowing the outcome of the Revolutionary War in advance.

There’s a lot to be excited about with Fraser’s Ridge in season 5, but we would be foolish to totally ignore the bubbling conflict and danger that lies underneath the surface.

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