What’s the best Outlander love story in 2019? (‘Shipper Showdown)

OutlanderMrs. Carter: What makes Outlander great? There are obviously many components to the show, but the love story is, in part, a major reason for the appeal.

There are a number of things that make any romance great, whether it be interesting characters, significant obstacles, passion, and also at times heartbreak. You want to be taken on a powerful, emotional journey that somehow feels both aspirational and also relatable. Outlander provides much of that, and in this edition of our month-long ‘Shipper Showdown series, I want to pose a pretty simple question: Which relationship, or ‘ship, from the show is doing the most for you? What one stands out the most in 2019?

Below, you can see four distinct candidates that really encapsulate the greatness of this series and some of its romantic style. At the bottom of the article be sure to vote for your favorite. This poll will stay open until February 13 at 1:00 pm ET, and the winner will then face off against many others in the ‘Shipper Showdown finale.

Jamie & Claire – They are the great romance that started it all. Without the love and the passion that they have for each other, this entire world would crumble and there would be almost nothing else here. They represent now a point of stability but also a point of great sacrifice and love. These are two people who will do anything for each other. They’re a beautifully-written love story that is only amplified further by the performances of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, who bring us their everything in helping us to understand these characters’ hearts.

Roger & Brianna – They’ve hardly had the easiest road to get back to one another, as they’ve had to endure torment, trauma, devastation, and at times, things said in the heat of the moment to make it back to each other. It can be easy to forget that they are young, and with that, still very much learning. Yet, coming out of season 4 it’s clear that Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton’s underdogs love each other dearly and there’s a foundation for fantastic storytelling moving forward.

Fergus & Marsali – It’s not necessarily the most-notable romance in season 4, but it is very much an important romance none the same. It’s really a testament to how a journey can change someone radically. There was a time when Marsali was still reckless and didn’t think too much outside of what her mother told her; now, she’s developed strength and independence that is incredibly admirable. She also loves her husband and the two showed at the end of season 4 how well they work together.

Murtagh and Jocasta – Clearly, we’re talking about a romance that is still in its infancy, but it does seem like there’s potential for this to work very well for them! think about it for a moment — the two are fiercely independent, determined, have a love for where they came from, and are also probably looking for a passion that has been missing. It’s hard to know where their relationship goes given that it’s not in the books, but it’s certainly one worth watching.

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