‘The X Factor’ UK: Kye Sones, Lucy Spraggan go ‘Gangnam Style’ in new video

We actually like what “The X Factor” across the pond is doing in order to promote their first set of live shows airing this coming weekend; rather than making this some huge over-dramatic spectacle that the American version of the show has tried to do, they are instead focusing on allowing the contestants to have a little bit of fun.

Considering that PSY’s “Gangnam Style” is pretty much the most popular song in the universe at this very moment, it really does not come as too great of a surprise that this would also be the song that the finalists would all show off their dance moves to in the video. It’s pretty entertaining to see just how willing all of these singers are to completely and totally go for it and embarrass themselves, even some of the older contestants like Melanie Massone, who may or may not have known what “Gangnam Style” was a matter of weeks ago.

Clearly, our three favorites in this video fave to be three of our favorites to actually go far in this competition: Kye Sones (for the booty-shaking), Lucy Spraggan (for the reckless abandon that she shows throughout the video), and duo MK1, who win the honors of being probably the only people in this video that do not look completely ridiculous while they are doing the dance. It’s still far to early to tell, though, who is the actual favorite to win the whole competition. After all, Janet Devlin was believed by many to be the eventual winner last season, but she was eventually surpassed by Little Mix and did not even end up making the finale.

What do you think about this video?

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