Game of Thrones, Bud Light crossover for Super Bowl commercial

Game of ThronesWell, consider this to be the surprise Super Bowl commercial tonight — Bud Light and Game of Thrones joining forces.

So what happened here? Well, if we’re meant to take what we saw tonight fairly literally, it’s that the Bud Knight was murdered by a dragon. The first half of this felt somewhat like your typical Bud Light beer spot, but then things get weird. Basically, it seemed as though everyone was murdered by the dragon.

We do think that there is a pretty good question to wonder as to why in the world HBO would want to team up with a beer company, especially since Game of Thrones actually does sell licensed beers elsewhere. Yet, we think that this was the best of both worlds for them. It’s a chance to build up a lot of buzz for the final season without having to show off any footage. We know that there are only six episodes in the final season and because of that, the network clearly is not going to be interested in giving away too much in advance. They haven’t even aired a full trailer yet and while they could have done that tonight, there was clearly not that much of a need to. HBO knows that they’re going to get the ratings regardless.

As for why Bud Light wanted to do this … well, that’s pretty simple. There’s basically zero reasons for them to not want to team up with one of the biggest shows on the air. It’s almost instant publicity for them that they don’t have to think about for even a split second. They want to get people talking about them and this is the perfect way to do that. (Granted, more people will remember the Game of Thrones part of it but they probably won’t care all that much.)

The final season of Game of Thrones is going to be airing on HBO this April — we’ll certainly have more discussion in due time.

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