Will Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover feature a character death?

Crisis On Infinite EarthsThe epic Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event is coming onto The CW this fall and based on early indications, the producers are looking to shock.

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If you are familiar with the comic-book source material here, then you know that there are multiple super-important characters who die. That should be enough to make people very worried about what the possible outcome could be here. There’s at least a reasonably good chance that someone could pass away here, but we’re not sure that the deaths will be the same.

(Warning: Comic spoilers ahead…)

In the comics, two of the primary characters who perish are Barry Allen and Kara Zor-El, which means that if that happened with the shows, you would be losing both The Flash and Supergirl from the world. That’s a pretty hard thing to stomach, which is what makes us reasonably hopeful that this is something that the Arrowverse is not going to do. It’s just too hard to fathom network executives being super-game over this idea, mostly because you’d probably have to end both Supergirl and The Flash if this was the case.

Within the world comic books, it’s a little bit easier to kill off characters. You don’t have an entire cast and crew dependent on their survival, let alone a network that is interested in some significant ad revenue. Given that Crisis on Infinite Earths is airing right in the middle of the fall TV season, there’s going to be at least some sort of story on the other side of it. There are no guarantees, but it is probably safe to assume that we are going to be seeing these two characters survive.

But what about everyone else? Well, all signs indicate at present that there could be a death or two somewhere else within the Arrowverse. Speaking via The Hollywood Reporter, CW programming head Mark Pedowitz noted that it is “likely” that someone will be killed off during the crossover, and we have to imagine that it’s going to be a notable character … even if it’s not one of the title heroes. These shows all have some huge casts and with that in mind, there are a ton of different directions that they could go.

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