Amazon Super Bowl commercial features Harrison Ford, Alexa

HarrisonAmazon has come out with another Super Bowl commercial this year, and they’ve enlisted Harrison Ford to help! What we can’t figure out at the moment, though, is whether or not this ad is great or just downright terrifying.

The premise – The company shows you how they have experimented with putting Alexa technology in a number of different devices, whether it be a hot tub, an arcade, in outer space, or even on a dog collar that can apparently read the dog’s mind. Ford plays the dog’s owner, who is rather unhappy that his pet has ordered a number of giant bags of dog food without his permission.

We’re guessing that Amazon is trying to show you here that they are constantly thinking of ways to make your life better and easier … though not every idea that they’ve got is a clear winner. There are many that end up falling through the cracks.

Does it work? – While we know it’s all a joke, the idea of Amazon ever being able to control all of this stuff is enough to make anyone a little bit nervous. Why wouldn’t it? Nobody wants to think that a company has that much power. That’s probably why it was not the best idea for Amazon, even in jest, to present an ad showing their product being able to do some of this different stuff. We also think that it takes a minute for the commercial to actually show that this is not actually what they’re trying to do.

Was it smart to get Harrison Ford on board, given that he is that generational star that will get people talking about the spot? Sure, but the entire premise of the commercial is a little bit skewed and probably isn’t going to generate any excitement about the product. Instead, it may just make people nervous. Grade: D+.

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