Bumble Super Bowl commercial puts Serena Williams front and center

BumbleWe don’t think that anyone can be altogether surprised that Bumble wanted Serena Williams for their Super Bowl commercial. Wouldn’t anyone? We’re talking here about the greatest tennis player of all time, someone who has overcome obstacles and served as a near-constant inspiration. Are we surprised that she agreed to do it? A little, but the messaging in the end here does make sense. It showcases her talent, sure, but it also highlights her status as a global figure and someone who wants to be in control of all aspects of her life.

The premise – This commercial is all about women having power, and you see that here through the lens of Serena — someone who went and got power rather than just accepting what the world gave to her. It shows her doing some of what she does best, while also featuring a bright backdrop and some of the company’s line of products.

Does it work? – For what Bumble is trying to do, it may at least have people looking them up so it’s reasonably effective with that. For many, this company like exists just as a dating app and clearly, they’re looking to look beyond that. This is why it makes sense for them to choose as a spokesperson a married tennis star to showcase some of the other uses for their products, including making new friends and establishing business connections.

We do think it’s a powerful ad because of Serena’s presence — it’s not super-memorable otherwise, but this is a fine example of how sometimes, getting the right person at the center of your commercial is a game-changer. This would not have worked at all if there was anyone else here. Even with Serena, there probably does need to be more time spent actually showing what Bumble can do beyond just some quick shots of some of its different products. Grade: B-.

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