Manifest episode 14 video: What is Zeke, Michaela’s purpose?

ManifestManifest episode 14 is going to be arriving on NBC come Monday night and leading into it, it feels like there’s one thing we can say: Buckle up. We are going to be led into one of the most dramatic, shocking episodes of the season. You really have to want for that to be the case given that there are only three more episodes left before the story, for now, is over. There’s no official season 2 renewal, but it does feel like that’s a sure thing.

There are a few different questions that the promo below should make you wonder, and we’ve enclosed the most important ones below.

1. What’s the purpose of Zeke and Michaela? – It seems as though the two are destined to work on something together, but the larger question here is precisely what that said something is. It certainly seems bigger than just Flight 828.

2. Where do Michaela and Jared go from here? – Following what’s happened with the two of them, it definitely seems clear that there’s going to be an emotional unraveling of some sort. We imagine that at least a good chunk of this upcoming episode is going to be focused on some of the aftermath. It does certainly look as though Michaela, first and foremost, is going to have to speak with Lourdes about some of the feelings that are there. Those are feelings that aren’t going to just go away, especially since the relationship feels so recent in her eyes.

3. What is Cal trying to warn his parents about? – It’s a good thing that the kid has some of the clairvoyant abilities that he does, given that he can at least help to brace some of those around him for what could be utter chaos. It seems as though there’s a lot of that coming up and really, we’re going to be seeing some of these people do whatever they can in order to properly brace themselves for it. We don’t exactly think that the flight is the only game-changing event that is going to happen for the rest of the season.

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