Is Merder, Japril, Omelia, or something else best Grey’s Anatomy ‘ship ever? (‘Shipper Showdown)

Shipper ShowdownMrs. Carter: In today’s new ‘Shipper Showdown article feature, my focus is on a super-simple question: What’s the best Grey’s Anatomy ‘ship out there?

Within these ‘Shipper Showdown pieces, I’ve tried to narrow down the list to just ten choices — with that being said, it was very difficult here when you think about the enormous history of fantastic ‘ships on this show. You’re talking about a series with a decade and a half in the rear-view mirror and some of the most memorable couples on all of TV. (If you do love all sorts of Grey’s Anatomy discussion, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we talk about the show!)

Below, you can check the list of ‘ships I’ve compiled — unlike the ‘Shiptober series CarterMatt does in October, there’s no real limitation here in terms of them having to be from the past year. That’s why there are some pairings like Calzona and Merder included; after all, it’s hard to do a list/poll of the best Grey’s Anatomy ‘ships without them involved.

At the bottom of this article, there’s a poll for you to share your favorite! Vote however often you like until February 13 at 1 pm ET. The winning ‘ship will face off against many others from separate shows in the ‘Shipper Showdown finale on February 14.

Ben & Bailey – One of Bailey’s best romances over the years is one that is, unfortunately, currently on the rocks. We want to be hopeful that they can find their way through it, but it’s going to be hard when you think about the dangerous nature of Ben’s job. That being said these two are committed and I feel like they can get through any obstacle put before them.

Callie & Arizona – Calzona was one of the most-iconic pairings in the history of the series, especially when you think about how pioneering it was at the time to have a same-sex relationship and eventually marriage on network TV. While neither is on the show now, we do like to think that they have reconnected and are happy on the other side of the country.

Jackson & April – For years, it did feel like these two were going to end up together. That changed over time and by the time April left, she had re-married and Jackson is now with Maggie. It’s still hard to deny the electricity that was there and the devoted legion of fans out there who still love this pairing and wish they were still together.

Jackson & Maggie – Jaggie is the current ‘ship involving Jackson on the show and while there’s always going to be people out there who prefer him with April, we definitely do think that there are supporters for this pairing as well. They have a long way to go towards long-term happiness, especially with Jackson focusing on his mom right now, but they are working towards it.

Jo & Alex – After everything Alex went through with Izzie and others on this show, it’s rather-wonderful now to have him with someone who seems to be the perfect match. They’re a lot of fun together, even if they’ve also been forced through some hard times and had a stretch (think after Alex beat up DeLuca) where I didn’t think that they would have a future.

Mark & Lexie – One of the show’s most-iconic tragic couples, they got together and broke up a number of times — and that’s before the events of “Flight,” which may still go down as one of the most devastating episodes in the history of the show.

Meredith & DeLuca – They may be a little bit green for this list, especially given that they’ve never actually been an item and there’s no guarantee Meredith will even choose him. Yet, MerLuca definitely has forged a key following in a short period of time and there’s a passion here that we haven’t seen between Meredith and another character in a while.

Meredith & Derek – You cannot have a ‘Shipper Showdown list and leave Merder off of it. They’re iconic to this show — heck, they’re iconic to all of television. They had a complicated, layered love story that led to a family and while Meredith may be moving forward, she’s never forgotten about Dr. Derek Shepherd and never will.

Owen & Cristina – If you’re noticing a pattern with many of these ‘ships, it’s that a lot of them went through marriages, divorces, reconciliation, and more. Crowen is another example of that — they were two people who always loved each other, but could never get past some of their differences.

Owen & Amelia – Omelia is a relationship that has allowed Owen a chance for growth, though at the same time there’s still a lot of heartbreak here, as well, given the couple’s various ups and downs. The fact that there is still hope though, is something worth celebrating.

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