‘The Good Wife’ season 4 premiere review: Marc Warren is a frightening man

“The Good Wife” returned to CBS on Sunday night, and in between the courtroom drama with Diane and even Alicia and Peter getting a hard sell on their relationship from reporter Peggy (Kristin Chenoweth), there’s really no question to us as to what exactly ended up stealing the show.

In just a few simple scenes on the show, Marc Warren has managed to be both completely compelling and also as frightening as can be in the matter of a few short minutes. We learned almost right away that even though Kalinda may try her hardest to avoid her estranged husband’s sudden advances and declarations that he was a new man, it did not entirely work out for her. Why? As Warren’s Nick pointed out, she could have very easily packed up and moved somewhere else; instead, she opted to stay in the same exact place.

Really even away from Warren, the guest acting during this episode was completely superb. It’s a shame that Chenoweth’s run as Peggy was cut short due to an on-set injury, since in many ways she acted as the voice of the people for the show in asking why in the world Peter and Alicia are legally still together. Meanwhile, Nathan Lane also took on a role that was a complete flip from many of the comedic roles that he has done in this role of a bank trustee that may not have been so glamorous if it were played by another actor.

As a whole, what did you think about the show’s premiere Sunday, and about some of the performances? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts below!

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