ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 premiere review: Is [spoiler] still alive?

Don’t you hate it when a character whispers something, and you don’t actually get to hear what it is? For about two seconds during Sunday night’s season premiere of “Revenge,” we were cursing our television screen when this very thing happened in a conversation between Charlotte and Emily.

However, it was what happened after this conversation that made us not care nearly as much: the discovery that Victoria Grayson is not alive, but in hiding in order to try and take down Conrad after he tried to kill her in the plane cras at the end of last season. This moment made us excited for Emily (who has so much more to do now), but also even sadder for Charlotte, who spent most of this episode getting jostled in and out of rehab thanks in part to the secret that she is hiding. It was pretty interesting seeing that most of the characters presumed dead are really in fact alive, and that we also learned at the end that the White-Hared Man is another face appearing this season. Not only is this man back, but he is a hired gun from Victoria going after Emily.

On the romance front this week, there was not that much movement save for Emily warning Jack to make sure that Amanda’s baby was his, which led to her proclaiming that she will get a test done. However, it is still pretty clear that Amanda is hiding something (whatever it may be), and it will come out before this season is over. There were some moments exchanged here and there between Daniel and Emily, but not enough of anything to make us think that a reconciliation was in the works.

Overall, this was a worthy return to “Revenge” that no only introduced us again to some of the characters we have come to know and love, and it also gave us a good cliffhanger in the end: that the same thing may have happened to Emily’s mom that happened to her dad.

What did you think about the premiere Sunday night? If you want to see some more about what is coming up on the show this season, you can do so by visiting the story that is up over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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