The Blacklist season 6 episode 5 review: Reddington & the recording

The Blacklist logo any seasonTonight, The Blacklist season 6 episode 5 delivered an installment entitled “Alter Ego” that, at least from a case-of-a-week perspective, was rather fascinating — it started with the death of a powerful billionaire and

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Why was Van Ness murdered? For his money, but this is something that Reddington was desperate in order to figure out. After all, he had a valuable vote that could determine Reddington’s fate on the outside. This case was a tricky one, stuffed to the brim with various twists and turns … mostly because it turned out that the person who inherited Van Ness’ money was his son Timothy. This was a guy who lived in a trailer park before coming into a huge amount of money. Most of Timothy’s “inner circle” were people he hired from the Alter Ego organization, and it just so happened that they conspired to get rid of him just because they wanted the cash.

While it didn’t seem as though Van Ness’ murder had anything to do with Reddington, there was still some interesting aftermath to what happened: Ressler actually went to Alter Ego to find a date for a wedding.

Now, let’s turn to the trial — this to us is where this episode truly shined. It started with Reddington trying to prove that Officer Baldwin unlawfully searched him, and this is what makes the character so fascinating. He was smart enough to be able to show that Baldwin acted at the scene out of anger and frustration; beyond that, he also did everything that he could in order to get his hands on the recording of the tip made to the police. Reddington made a pretty good case for himself and presented an argument that was on par with what most attorneys would use in the court of law. It just wasn’t enough. It came down to whether or not Officer Baldwin acted appropriately in the moment and in the end, the answer to this appeared to be yes in the eyes of the law.

Because of the ruling, Reddington now faces an extended amount of jail time and with that in mind, the immunity agreement is null and void. Reddington does now, however, know that there is a recording out there of the tip … and he intends to hear it. Once he learns who sets him up, that means that he can unleash a reckoning.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a great episode, but one that also raises further questions as to precisely what Reddington is really up to on the other side. The Alter Ego concept was fascinating but at the same exact time, one that could have been spelled out even more than it was. What we were most excited about here was getting a chance to see a super-fascinating courtroom story. We’re certainly excited to see what Reddington’s next story is going to be.

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