Manifest Season 1 Episode 13 reaction: Michaela, Zeke form a greater bond

Manifest season 1

This past Monday’s episode of Manifest entitled “Cleared For Approach” was an episode unlike any other. This week’s focus was on Michaela and Zeke and the bond they are forming. After Ben and Grace took Cal home, Michaela stayed behind to find out more information, but discovered that he has callings too and that their next calling is connected to each other. When the pair touch they are brought to a starry night by a ravine with Zeke’s voice telling them to “go back”, they initially think it relates to the cave, when it fact he had everything to do with Zeke’s past. His sister died years before because of Zeke and Michaela and Zeke realizes that they have to build a monument to honor her. This episode really focused on the connection Zeke shares with the passengers of Flight 828 and the concept of black lighting was again at the center of it all.

The chemistry between the pair is obvious, but it could also be because they completely understand each other and there’s nothing more powerful. The twister comes when the same vision occurs only this time, it’s Michaela’s voice telling them to “go back”. Finally the two agree that Zeke will go back with her, but not into the world yet, for he wants to make his second chance at life.

This episode moved the storyline forward, but in a different way. Some may believe that the episode was slower in pace and it was, but this episode was heavily character driven. It focused on the passengers and the callings they receive and how it affects them. When Cal turned to Grace and asked if he was a freak, it was a reality that finally settled inside. This whole time it never fully occurred to him that he was experiencing something no else is for his age, and he finally felt out of place. It was a huge revelation and it pulled at our heartstrings.

For Ben, the need to protect his family grew even more after a man started a website making the passengers of Flight 828 out to be something sinister. The man, Cody Weber, threw a brick and painted his door with a red x to mark them as outsiders and Ben wasn’t having that. This whole time Ben’s action to protect his family have always been in line with what any person would do, but this was the first time we saw the paranoia and the desperation in him.

Before this episode, it seemed out of character for Ben to give in to his enemy so easily, but this time he played into their hand. It’s clear that Cal being at the center of everything is getting to him. The only thing that makes the situation better is knowing that Grace is finally in the loop and accepting of everything she has learned. Even Olive has joined the party, but this can also make things more intense.

As we approach Monday’s episode, the mystery thickens, but it also gets a one step closer to figuring this whole mystery out. Manifest airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC. For more news related to Manifest, be sure to visit this link.

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