Law & Order: SVU season 20 episode 13 review: Meet Billie Rollins

Rollins -Tonight, Law & Order: SVU season 20 episode 13 delivered “A Story of More Woe,” and we should’ve assumed that this was inspired by Romeo & Juliet on some level. It was just hard to think of it evolving in the way in which it did.

Most of tonight’s episode revolved around the story of two girls in Laura in Brittany who found themselves at the center of a horrible case involving the death of their father — someone who was accused at one point of sexual assault on Laura. Yet, it turned out that things were a little bit more complicated than it first seemed, as it turned out that their neighbor / “family friend’ Greg was so much more involved than anyone first thought. He wasn’t just someone who the girls liked to stay with; he was carrying on a secret relationship with Laura, who she referred to as Romeo to her Juliet. This relationship became such that they conspired to make a plan where they could be together, and Brittany would murder her own father while not being fully aware of the details. As a matter of fact, she thought her own sister was being abused by him. All of this was deeply messed up, and a result largely of some of Greg’s own psychological manipulation to get what he wanted.

It took a lot of clever thinking on the part of SVU to get Greg to admit to anything, mostly because for a while, it felt like fraud was the only charge that they were going to be able to pin on him. That eventually did change, but it took winning Brittany over and convincing her to go undercover in order to get the necessary information from him.

No doubt, this was a difficult case to set through — like many others on this show, emotional trauma is at the heart of it.

Meet Billie

On a lighter note, Rollins gave birth at the end of the episode! She welcomed a new daughter named Billie and seems to have the full support of the SVU. Yet, it does seem as though she and Al will be raising her together. He proposed to her at the hospital, but she eventually decided not to go through with it because she didn’t love him. Hopefully, we will remain involved in the baby’s life, but she is not going to be moving forward into some sort of romantic relationship. (For those of you Carisi/Rollins ‘shippers, maybe you appreciated how much Amanda wanted Sonny at the hospital tonight.)

CarterMatt Verdict

Wasn’t this a real emotional roller-coaster to end all roller-coaters? There were some really sad, somber moments in here, but also a few others that push Amanda’s future together in an exciting way. This case was memorable, but mostly because of the horror of it.

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