Gotham season 5 episode 5 review: Jeremiah’s next move

Gotham season 4 episode 21On Gotham season 5 episode 5, we got a chance to see a story that can be defined with one word and one word only: Confusion. For most of the hour, Edward Nygma was completely lost — he was responsible for an explosion at Haven but didn’t remember doing it. That put him in a super-precarious place, given the fact that there were people coming for his head.

Who were some of those people? Think in terms of some of the GCPD and also the criminal community + just about all of Haven. Yet, it was Barbara Kean who eventually had a chance to put him in the ground, but eventually a theory his started to save him, at least slightly — Hugo Strange may have been responsible. Strange tinkered with his mind, so it seemed when he brought him back at the end of last season. It allowed him to be controlled, but who was controlling him?

Eventually, Ed ended up being operated on by Hugo in order to “repair” the chip that was in his brain … but in the process of that, Jim Gordon ended up finding the two of them. So who was responsible? It was Walker, who in turn is the person who was ordering around Eduardo Dorrance (future Bane) and his Delta Force team. For some reason, Walker wanted the destruction of the building in Haven.

Elsewhere in this episode, we had some interesting Bruce/Selina storytelling in the aftermath of what she did with Jeremiah last year. Bruce wanted to understand this new version of the character but, alas, that continued to prove difficult. She wasn’t being altogether cooperative or interested in hearing his point of view and continued to just be somewhat dismissive of him. She even told him about being there when his parents were killed, but not being altogether willing to do anything about it.

Meanwhile, it turned out that Jeremiah wasn’t actually dead — Ecco managed to repair him to the best of her ability and because of that, the two can start to move forward and plot a little bit. He wants Selina to think that he is dead, at least for the time being, so that he can prepare the next phase of whatever his plan is. After all, Jeremiah is the sort of villain who wants to plan things out. He’s not like Jerome in that way — he’s always doing what he can to think a few steps ahead. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that his next plan does involve carving out some people and putting them out into the world. Who are these people? Our feeling is that it’s Thomas and Martha Wayne.

CarterMatt Verdict

For most of this episode, we admittedly didn’t know where things are going with Nygma. Yet, this was a strange, twisted, and very-entertaining story from start to finish.

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