Suits season 8 episode 12 preview: Sean Cahill returns!

Suits season 8Just in case you weren’t excited enough for Suits season 8 episode 12 next week, Sean Cahill is about to be back in action!

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As a longtime fan of anything Neal McDonough-related, let’s just say that we’ve been super-eager to have him back on the show for a while. He always brings a certain power to the role, and we also just like where Cahill fits in with the greater Suits universe. He’s occasionally going to be on the same side as Harvey Specter, but at other points, he’s going to move in his own direction and do his own thing. He’s got his own agenda and if Harvey gets in the way of that, he’ll stop him.

On this upcoming episode, you’re going to see Harvey ask something of Sean, and judging from the promo, it’s going to be something that he initially doesn’t want to do. How else can you describe the reaction that he has in the promo below, telling Harvey that he’s lucky he is not arresting him on the spot?

The promo definitely does make it clear that there is a lot of drama coming in the world of stock manipulation — beyond just that, we’re also going to see someone threaten to take down the firm, which shouldn’t come as a shock given the fact that this is something that seems to happen on an almost constant basis. This is one of the strange, but wonderful things about this show — even if, time and time again, we see this sort of drama, we’re always sucked into it. It’s addictive that way.

Below, CarterMatt has the official Suits season 8 episode 12 synopsis with more on what’s next:

Harvey and Donna are caught in the crosshairs when Stu is blackmailed; Samantha revisits her past.

Of course, we’re more than excited about the prospect of getting a chance to see some for Samantha’s past, largely because if Katherine Heigl is going to be a big part of the show, it does make some sense to include her virtually wherever you can. She’s also a name partner now and if she’s going to be controlling at least part of the firm’s destiny, shouldn’t everyone know as much about her as possible? That just seems to be logical.

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