Floribama Shore season 2 episode 25 preview: Josh is back

Floribama ShoreComing up tomorrow night on Floribama Shore season 2 episode 25, we’re going to see Nilsa in a rather complicated place. Why is that? Josh is coming back on the show.

If you’ve watched the series over the past two seasons, then you know about the history that is there between Nilsa and Jeremiah’s brother. Add to this the chemistry that is now there between Nilsa and Gus, and you have what very well could be one of the messiest situations that we’ve seen in recent memory when it comes to this show. It’s going to be likely entertaining for us, but probably not so much for her as she has to find a way to navigate this situation if she possibly can.

So how is Nilsa feeling about the return of Josh? Judging from what we’ve seen, she’s not thrilled. In a tiny sneak peek (that CarterMatt has for you below), Nilsa has a one-word reaction to even speaking on the phone with Josh: “Ew.” We can’t imagine that it’s going to be a whole lot better when he is back in Panama City Beach and around some of the other roommates again. If you remember, these two spent some time together and even slept together, but after that Nilsa wanted to peruse something further and Josh didn’t.

We’re officially now in the final stretch of Floribama Shore season 2 — there are only two episodes left including Thursday’s. We should note that MTV is promoting these final episodes as the last ones for the season, which does mean that there is still a chance that there will be some more episodes down the line. That’s at least what we’re crossing our fingers for at the moment, given that we’ve invested so much time in these people now that we want to see it continue. If the show is renewed, it benefits the network to do it soon so that they can take advantage of the busy spring break season coming up in the area a little bit later this year. While we’re sure that the region is in some ways still recovering from Hurricane Season (which was particularly nasty in 2018), getting the extra tourism and attention may be good for the community at large.

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