The Flash season 5: Who is Red Death? Could he be season 6 Big Bad?

Flash season 4Who is Red Death? Well, The Flash may have just dropped a major clue about the show’s future on Tuesday night’s new episode.

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During a visit to the Flash Museum tonight, we heard Captain Singh drop the name of this iconic DC Comics villain while discussing the impact of Cicada — apparently, this season’s Big Bad has a higher body count than whatever Red Death does, but that does still make them a fairly significant threat moving forward.

Well, we wonder how exactly The Flash would highlight the Red Death moving forward, given that the most iconic version of the character is an alternate-earth version of Batman/Bruce Wayne. This is one that has super-speed and is capable of causing all sorts of chaos.

Beyond this episode, we haven’t heard too much about Red Death being a potential Big Bad on the show, whether it be in season 6 or some other point down the line. The merit to doing this is that the writers want to throw a lot of crazy stuff at the wall. Just remember that they could do a version of this character that isn’t Bruce Wayne — we doubt they’d fully go in that direction, just because we haven’t even seen a regular Bruce Wayne on this show. We’ve got Kate Kane/Batwoman instead.

Clearly, The Flash has some plans to use Red Death at some point, whether it be in season 6 or some other point down the road. We also still aren’t ruling out Godspeed, another character who has been near the top of many fans’ wishlists for some time. We know that there’s been a desire as of late to move away from speedster villains, but we wouldn’t be shocked if the writers eventually navigate themselves back in that direction again.

The best thing that The Flash has to celebrate right now is simply the fact that they have so many exciting villains to even choose from in the first place. It speaks to the strength of the comics and the wide array of interesting adversaries still out there. Red Death is certainly one of the more ambitious ones, to put it mildly.

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