Saturday Night Live review: Virgin Hunk, Charmin, James McAvoy & more

Saturday Night Live review

James McAvoy is the host of this weekend’s Saturday Night Live episode, and going into it, we were a little bit unsure as to what to expect. The Glass star isn’t as known for live comedy, though he does have some rather impressive movie credits to his name.

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James McAvoy monologue – He wore a kilt! He wore this to show off some of his heritage, and also joked that everyone confuses him with McGregor. He also messed up, which he claimed was going to be par for the course … oh boy. This is going to be an interesting night, even if we like him.

Virgin Hunk – This is the annual spoof of The Bachelor and, by and large, we get a good sense that the writers really watch the ABC show with regularity. This was a really biting spoof of the show but there were some really funny lines — think “it’s me from before, but more drunk.” We’re also surprised that the show got away with that banana thing.

Mr. H – This was a pre-taped piece in which McAvoy played a teacher character who seemed to be there in order to give some sort of advice to Chris Redd’s character … but in reality, he just wanted to get some shrooms. This feels like it was a spoof on one of those weird movies in which a student gets a bond with a teacher and they end up helping each other in the end.

Air Traffic Control – This was a particularly funny sketch that featured McAvoy with the thicket Scottish accent possible — it was pretty perfect having the people who were trying to land the plane by Kylie Jenner brand ambassadors. Basically, the sort of people who would never be exposed to Scottish accents. This was so random but also fun from start to finish, even if the Welsh accent at the end was terrible.

The UES – We got to hear a unique rap here featuring Leslie Jones, who performed all about her new, good life on the Upper East Side — and precisely how different this was from the life that she had growing up. The randomness of Kate McKinnon rapping about her cat was great, as was McAvoy rapping as a German baker. (Is James going for a record with accents tonight?)

Charmin – This was somehow both incredibly funny and also super-disturbing as a pitch meeting for Charmin went completely off the rails and completely into the cellar. This was so juvenile, but we’re not going to lie that McAvoy’s character’s pitch about the perfect ad by the end of it had us howling. The best sketch of the night.

Weekend Update – Tonight’s segment began with Colin Jost breaking down some of the various comments that Donald Trump has made about the wall over the past few days. Also, this joke: “You know that you’re failing as President when you’ve somehow made LaGuardia worse.” There were also a number of different Roger Stone jokes thrown in there, including one about his top hat.

As for the correspondents, the first one was Soulja Boy — which would be the most irrelevant thing ever were it not for that one notable radio interview where he slammed Drake. We also had the return of Cathy Ann in order to talk about Trump and his wall … just because we don’t have enough commentary on this already.

Return to Narnia – This was interesting, to say the least. Apparently, it just so turns out that Mr. Turmnus of The Chronicles of Narnia has quite a devoted fan base. We don’t know who came up with the idea of a Tumblr page gone to life, but here we are.

Brother rivalry – Well, this was a return of the sketch in which you get to see two grown men fight each other in their underwear and giant t-shirts. Let’s just say that, overall, this was substantially funnier the first time that we ended up seeing it on the show.

My dog rap – This was certainly a way for the show to talk about various pets in an extreme way (going hard in hip-hope about animals is a little bit … different). Yet, it wasn’t altogether funny.

New Orleans – This was another repeat of a previous sketch about two people who completely transform their voice and their personality based on the city that they just visited. We give McAvoy and Heid Gardner credit for tricky to go along with this, since it was clearly a miss from start to finish.

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