Blue Bloods season 9: The long-term future of Danny, Jamie Reagan

Blue Bloods season 9

There is no new episode of Blue Bloods season 9 coming onto CBS tonight, but that doesn’t prohibit us from having a discussion about the future!

At the start of this season, we got a chance to see Jamie move up the career ladder to the point where he could be Sergeant Jamie Reagan within the NYPD. This is a pretty substantial promotion, and one that allows him to hone some leadership skills in a way that he didn’t often get before. It also does shake things up when it comes to his relationship with his brother Danny on the job. An important thing to remember here is that Jamie now technically outranks his brother, and while they don’t often collaborate in the field, it is still something very much worth pointing out for the rare occasions they do. One of those will be the upcoming February 8 episode, where there will be major tension when Danny disobeys one of his brother’s orders.

A question that you do have to wonder as a result of all of this is rather simple: Are we going to end up seeing Jamie continue to climb the ladder, and what about Danny? Will there be more tension over rank and listening to one another?

At the moment, it does feel like Jamie is the one more primed to keep climbing, largely because he is the one getting this leadership experience now. He’s shown himself to be a good Sergeant, even if he has his second thoughts and doubts about whether or not he is good enough for the job. We do think that he is, and beyond that, we do think that he could be a Lieutenant or a Captain at some point a couple of seasons from now. We want to see the guy keep rising through the ranks, but at a way in which makes sense. It can’t be too much, to fast.

As for Danny, do we think that he’s capable of getting more promotions and maybe being Commissioner someday? Sure, but we’d be remiss to ignore how much we just love him as a detective. He shines there, and we love his partnership with Baez and then also the way in which he manages to get the job done in the field. We don’t want to lose that element of him, and maybe that’s why we are so hesitant to see him evolve and move forward … even if we know he’s good enough for it.

Maybe Blue Bloods doesn’t have to think too much about promotions/the future now, but this is something that has to be a conversation subject at some point down the road. This is a time when it should at least be tucked away somewhere in your mind.

What do you want to see when it comes to Jamie and Danny’s future on Blue Bloods? Be sure to share right now in the comments.

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