Outlander season 5 scoop: What set is already being built?

Outlander season 4Even though Outlander season 5 has yet to kick off filming, it’s never too early to share a little bit of scoop! This time, the news is coming courtesy of the brilliant production designer Jon Gary Steele, who makes it clear that a very-notable location at Fraser’s Ridge will be coming your way soon.

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In a new post on Twitter, Steele confirms that the Big House is currently being built leading up to the show kicking off production next month. This house is completed in the books after Jamie and Claire return home following their quest to save Roger, and it is a much larger residence than the cabin that they have been calling their home for most of this particular season. As you can imagine, there are clear advantages and disadvantages to living within the cabin, with the clearest disadvantage being the sole fact that it is extremely close quarters having everyone within such a small space. That’s only going to be all the more apparent given the additional arrivals at Fraser’s Ridge. It may have began with Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian, but since that time we’ve got Brianna there, Murtagh and Lord John have visited, and depending on what happens with the show, Roger could also find his home there.

We’re certainly curious to see how this show looks and feels within the context of this show — it will give Jamie and Claire even more of a stable residence, and help to further define Fraser’s Ridge as a family home for many more generations of people to come. It’s an exciting thing to think about, even if it could be a really long time before we get a chance to actually see it on the show itself. Outlander season 5 is likely many months away from premiere — we’ll be pleasantly surprised if we get it in 2019 at all — and we’re not sure how early Starz is going to want to reveal one of the most-iconic sets that they have.

So, for now, let’s just cross our fingers and hope that the Big House is awesome; meanwhile, we’ve still got an epic season 4 finale coming our way this weekend. We think the danger and high stakes within this hour will serve as a great distraction.

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