Grantchester season 4 episode 3 review: Meet Will Davenport


At the start of Grantchester season 4 episode 3 on ITV Friday, it was very much clear that we were looking at a very different show. Geordie felt lost without Sidney around and it was safe to say we were right there with him.

In some ways, episode 3 was about transition as Grantchester needed a new vicar, and there was absolutely chaos around the church for a story that focused heavily on sexuality. The murdered party within this episode was that of Professor Alex Simms, a brilliant man who on the surface, died from mercury poisoning within his lab. Yet, upon further investigation there was possibly foul play here, and it turned out that he had a romantic relationship with someone other than his wife: A man and a fellow colleague.

The more Geordie dived into this relationship, and the more he also go information on Simms’ wife, the more he realized that this was just a part of a relationship the two had where they could use the marriage as cover and be their true selves behind the scenes. There were therefore questions aplenty as to who was actually responsible for what happened.

Unfortunately, Leonard at Grantchester was struggling to be his true self in part because of his own sexuality, and that led to him being at the center of a rather-complicated situation himself. After being caught kissing another man, it was possible that his career was over.

What about Will Davenport?

Tom Brittney made his debut within this episode as the man destined to become the new vicar, but he did not necessarily have a huge role for most of the case. Instead, he arrived in town and was told, at first, that they already had a prospective vicar in Leonard.

Yet, at the meeting near the end of the episode, Leonard decided that he was not interested in taking on the vicar position permanently — something that he may have decided was for the best, mostly because of the scrutiny that he would be under. Will is going to be the new vicar of Grantchester instead, and we’re looking forward to seeing precisely what his style will be leading the people — and also working on mysteries.

The resolution of the case

It was actually Will and Leonard both who were able to encourage Geordie to reexamine the clues at the heart of the case. As it turned out, the responsible party was not the wife, but instead Alex’s colleague, who was enraged over the fact that amidst all of the personal turmoil, they were not getting a chance to work on their original goal and their mission.

CarterMatt Verdict

As fascinating as the relationship aspect of the case was tonight, we will say that the end didn’t really have all that much luster to it. Instead, the real appeal come the end of tonight’s Grantchester was seeing Will for the first time and understanding the relationships that he will have with everyone else in the town. He may not be Sidney, but he was never intended to be. He’s got his own style, and apparently an interest in showing of cappuccinos to the world.

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