Manifest season 1 episode 12: the search for Cal is on

Manifest season 1Going into this week’s episode of Manifest, fans knew it was going to be a high-stakes journey to find Cal, who was taken from his room by the Major. Ben and Michaela, who has arrested Autumn for her betrayal, rush over to the house and Ben confesses everything to Grace including the visions they have, the Major, and Cal being super sensitive to the visions. Ben also tells her that Cal draws the future and shows her one drawing in particular; but, the three of them get a surprise when they find that Cal has already drawn the three of them in that exact moment.

As they continue to look through the drawing book, they discover Cal has drawn them a map to his location. However, a critical page has been torn out and Michaela believes it was Autumn. Grace believes a church in the next drawing is from upstate so they decide to start there, but have to get rid of the cops first, believing that Major can see what they are doing through them. Using Jared, they stage a situation in which they tell the cops Cal is with his grandfather and they leave.

As Ben and Grace head north to the church Cal drew to show Cal’s picture around, Michaela and Jared discover that Autumn is helping the Major because they found Autumn’s daughter and won’t give her any information unless she helps them. Both parties have little success. The mystery deepens when Olive finds a secret note left by Cal to tell them he left on his own accord.

Ben and Grace become more desperate to find Cal and begin to look at the next drawing, which depicts Cal sitting in a cabin in the woods. However, the Major’s crew is on their tail.A chase breaks out as Cal prepares the cabin to look like his drawings. Michaela convinces Autumn to join their side and to prove it she throws the Major’s crew off by sending them to another location. In addition, she hands over the missing page of Cal’s drawings which pictured her daughter, which is why she took it.

Ben and Grace follow Cal’s clues to a cabin in the woods where they find Cal who, explains he got a calling to go there. Just then a sick, disoriented man with wet clothes comes into the cabin and crashes to the ground. Cal pulls out all the necessary equipment to save him. Later that night, Michaela shows up just as the mystery man wakes up and the first word out of his mouth is that he recognizes Michaela. He explains that her picture saved his life and Michaela realizes he is the man from her visions. In addition, the mystery man named Zeke discovers his two week hiking trip has actually been a year leaving every confused as he isn’t a Flight 828 passenger.

The beginning of this episode made us believe that it was another episode where the mystery only grows and doesn’t move forward. However, as the episode went on the that changed. Cal not having been kidnapped by the Major and the appearance of Zeke really started to illustrate to us where the mystery is going. Zeke proves to us that non-passengers of Flight 828 are not immune to the time lapse that happens right before your eyes. However, Zeke didn’t experience dark lighting, so we now know that there’s something else that can occur. It’s a show that really can’t have anyone guessing the next step. This show isn’t a procedural where you can guess the killer; this show makes us think and challenges its viewer, which is probably why it’s so popular.

This Monday we hope to learn more about Zeke, as his experience could help Ben and Michaela with their own. And let’s not forget that we know the face of the Major now, but the question of who she is still isn’t answered. So, we look forward to unraveling that mystery. Overall, Manifest is taking us on our own flight with turbulence, only on this plane we want to experience the thrill.

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This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: NBC.)

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