The Good Place season 3 finale: What happened to Chidi and Eleanor?

Good PlaceEntering The Good Place season 3 finale, we had plenty of questions as to how this show was going to wrap up — after all, every single finale has contained a surprising twist!

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We knew tonight that the NBC comedy was going to be rebuilding the experiment set up by Michael at the start of the series; yet, because of his anxiety, Eleanor ended up being in a position where she had to take his place as the “architect.” New test subjects were brought in but, in turn, it turns out that they were tricked: The test subjects were actually people from their past, including a gossip columnist who routinely trashed Tahani and then Chidi’s ex … which put them in a position where they had to wipe her memory and then his own. Chidi’s never been one to pretend and we had a hard time figuring he would ever be able to act long-term like he didn’t know here.

As funny as this show is, there was something so sad about seeing Chidi and Eleanor watch the memories of their romance together in the little montage Michael put together. Their romance is something that could’ve been predicted at the start of the show, but it was beautiful seeing it actually come together. The best episode of the night was Eleanor saying that she’ll miss him, but then also the reminder that Chidi won’t because he won’t remember her. It’s going to be a hard pill for the two of them to swallow since, once more, the two of them are at square one with their relationship. It’s unfair but it’s death! When is that ever fair?

In the closing minutes, Eleanor had to reestablish her position as the architect and then await to meet a new version of Chidi, one without any memories of her. The big twist tonight was getting a chance to see Chidi arrive in his new form … but that was all we got. No real interaction between him and Eleanor … at least for now.

Rather than completely change the paradigm tonight, The Good Place delivered something a little bit different — a chance to actually focus more on the emotion and some of the great relationships between some of these characters.

CarterMatt Verdict

We expected this finale to be awesome, so we cannot exactly say that we’re shocked about the end result. How could we be? This is consistently one of TV’s best comedies, and the fact that it manages to mix in drama and genuine moments only adds to its appeal.

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