The Good Place season 4 premiere date hopes for Kristen Bell, cast

The Good PlaceFollowing tonight’s season 3 finale, do you want some early The Good Place season 4 premiere date speculation? If so, CarterMatt that for you within.

The first thing worth noting here is that NBC has already greenlit the Kristen Bell – Ted Danson series for a season 4 — not that this should be all that much of a surprise to anyone. This show may not be the highest-rated show on television, but at the same time it has a devoted following, a huge streaming audience, and even still a great deal of binge-watch potential. It’s probably one of the most serialized comedies on the air right now, mostly in that it’s really hard to start watching midway through and know what’s going on. It may not pick up a ton of week-to-week viewers because of this, but it’s possible more and more people are getting hooked with each passing year since this show is seriously funny and there”s really nothing else like it.

As for when The Good Place season 4 will premiere, think in terms of this fall / late September — even though Bell has another gig over on Veronica Mars, the schedules for the two shows work in a way where she can do both. The same goes for some of the other cast members — D’Arcy Carden, for example, did an arc on Barry, but we don’t think that it will inhibit her ability to be good Janet, bad Janet, neutral Janet, or basically any other variation of Janet she wants. (The Janet-focused episode, where she played basically every main character other than Michael, is easily one of our favorite episode of the show – if you could tell we are huge D’Arcy Carden fans.)

It’s hard to really speculate as to what the story for season 4 could be, largely because this show has a tendency to constantly evolve into a number of different forms and permutations. Take going into season 3 — the easy assumption to make was that the entirety of it was going to be based on Earth, judging from the way that season 2 ended. Yet, the show’s drifted far from that as of late and we’ve since gone to IHOP, seen the outskirts of the Good Place, as well as Janet’s void.

As for how long The Good Place is going to last, we have a feeling that it’s really going to be up to creator Mike Schur. We don’t think that this is the sort of series that is going to last forever, mostly because there are only so many times that you can shake up and play around with this formula. With that said, we think there’s probably enough material for at least a couple more seasons.

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