Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 10 review: Owen’s decision; is Link Thor?

Owen and AmeliaTonight, Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 10 actually did a good job of moving a few different stories forward. As for whether or not you like the direction of said stories, that is certainly up for some debate.

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For Owen, what he seemed to come to tonight was a (seemingly) firm decision when it comes to Teddy versus Amelia — he wanted to be with Amelia. That’s at least what he told her, though he also did say that he wants Teddy to stay and be a part of his life. That’s why he basically handed her the position that he had at the hospital. While all of this seems good for now, we certainly hope that it sticks — if he tells Amelia this and then goes back on it down the road, he’s going to look like a terribly unlikable person. He needs to be able to stand by what he said … and he needs to make sure that he actually means what he said to begin with.

Given that Teddy is now staying put at the hospital, we do think that this will lead to do some other interesting drama and storylines for her that aren’t just about Owen — which is definitely worth celebrating. Did anyone else have some fun with her and Tom Koracick at the end?

Link makes his case

While this past episode offered up more insight into Andrew DeLuca’s past, tonight marked a real opportunity for Link to show himself as more of a serious contender for Meredith’s heart in his own way — by proving himself to be so much more than who she thought he was. As it turns out, he had cancer as a kid and his laid-back attitude is mostly due to him realizing that nothing else in his life will ever compare to that. It’s why he chills out before ambulances arrive and why he stays low-key entering surgery. He does his job and is good at it, but he just has a very different sort of vibe than Meredith does.

Yet, in the end, tonight she started to see more of his side, including how caring he is also also that he can be a good bit of fun — even if the two don’t have too much in common beyond their jobs and he loves to chose down on junk food in a way very few other people do. There was an especially fun moment near the end of tonight’s hour where he helped Meredith plan a kid’s birthday party and he ended up being mistaken for Thor.

Other odds and ends

For starters, Bailey is still recovering and trying to get better and get her stress load back. It’s not easy for her to have a position other than chief but she is dealing with it. Alex, meanwhile, is just trying to be reasonably competent in the position and hoping that he gets by.

For Catherine, she spent much of this episode trying to prove that her own diagnosis wasn’t impeding her ability to get the job done, while some of those close to her were upset over the way in which she handled it. Meanwhile, Levi had a new-found sense of confidence tonight and actually didn’t screw up his procedure — this change of confidence may actually cause him to lose the glasses for contacts! (We’re not sure how to feel about that.)

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode had a lot going on, but most of it was successful in context. We’re still probably team Meredith / DeLuca but we like that the show is building up Link into more of a viable option. We want to celebrate Owen and Amelia figuring some things out, but we’re hesitant knowing that it may not be permanent despite Owen seemingly reasonably confident in his position.

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