The Resident season 2: Where is Julian? Our latest theories

The ResidentTonight, The Resident season 2 managed to include a lot of different stories, but they still didn’t answer this: Where is Julian? What is she up to? That is something that we hopefully will get some sort of answer to soon.

As of right now, it is certainly frustrating that the Fox series is keeping us so far away from the truth on the matter — and even at times pushing her really far back into its rear-view mirror. We do understand that people have to move on with their lives, but at the same time, would someone like Devon really spend as much time not talking about her?

Anyhow, here are just a few different ideas as to where she could be…

1. Dead – If she is really gone, then it makes sense for the show to move forward. Yet, at the same time, you do also have to wonder why no body has been uncovered so far. A part of us thinks that if she was dead, she probably would’ve turned up by tonight and that would’ve been it … but we could be wrong.

2. In protection of law enforcement – Maybe Julian was actually able to escape her situation and find someone who was actually able to help her. All this time, she’s been separate and save from the world so that nobody can hurt her and Quovadis cannot find her. That would explain her being completely out of touch.

3. Somewhere far away – It’s certainly possible that she really did just decide to skip town and start a new life somewhere else, and maybe one of the characters will find her down the road. We don’t think that this would necessarily create the most drama in the immediate future, but this probably is the most appropriate for someone who is just scared and doesn’t want to worry about her life. We do think that Julian, if she was alive, would want some sort of revenge … but maybe she is slow-playing that and will do more down the road.

Despite our frustrations at the way in which The Resident is currently handling this particular storyline, we do feel like one way or another, Julian is going to be brought back up. If the show does just ditch this storyline forever, it would be both out of character both for it and for most drama series overall. They’re sitting on gold, depending on when they want to let it shine.

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What did you think about The Resident tonight, and are you frustrated that this plot point is not getting more attention? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: Fox.)

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