Manifest episode 13 promo: Who is Zeke? He, Michaela join forces

ManifestManifest episode 13 is arriving on NBC next week and judging from the new promo, it’s going to be INTENSE. This may very well be the most important episode of the show and for a number of different reasons — but most of them tracing back to Zeke.

So, who is this guy? Well, for starters he seems to be someone who has a unique blood marker that is tied to the survivors of Flight 828. He also has a very fluid understanding of time. He’s seemingly been through in a cave something similar to what the passengers went through, but he’s not one of them. He’s something different, which is both exciting and then also terrified since it comes with many other questions.

The more this episode progresses, and the more confident we will become that there is some more information coming about the show’s central mysteries. Unfortunately, there are still questions aplenty regarding precisely what this information will be. Let’s hope for an answer that is satisfying, but also one that raises some more questions since we’re so early on! There’s no need to get all of the info just yet!

Beyond just the mystery aspect of the show, it is going to be interesting to spend a little bit of time with Michaela and a new character, someone who she does seem to have some sort of chemistry with already. Yet, we’re not 100% sure that we can trust him at the moment given that A) the dude is still a relative stranger and B) this is Manifest, and we’re really not sure that we can trust altogether anyone within this world based on some of the stuff that we’ve seen already. Everybody’s got some sort of secret that they are keeping from most of the world … sometimes for good reasons.

Beyond Michaela, the thing to be worried about for this episode is that Ben and some other survivors could find themselves the target of some very harsh treatment. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is going to be altogether keen on continuing to welcome the flight survivors with open arms. They bring about an element of change, and one of the things that we’ve certainly come to learn over time is that change also does have a tendency to bring a little bit of distrust. Nobody wants to handle something that alters their way of thinking unless they absolutely have to, for better or for worse.

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What do you think, judging from the preview tonight, is coming on Manifest moving forward? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below. (Photo: NBC.)

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