SEAL Team season 2 episode 13 video: The start of Sonny’s chaos

SEAL Team season 2 episode 13If you haven’t seen some of the scoop already for SEAL Team season 2 episode 13, know this: Sonny’s in deep trouble. He’s also in too deep when it comes to deep water. The character’s at the center of a perilous mission, and it’s pretty clear judging from the sneak peek below that this is not the way in which things were supposed to go.

In this preview, you learn a little bit about how the problem originates for Sonny. This seems at first like a standard mission, but then an incident occurs that leaves him stranded from the rest of the Bravo Team. It doesn’t seem as though there’s anything that Jason can do in the immediate future to help him. This is going to be about patience, about communication, and above all else, about survival. This is one of the most dangerous episodes of the season and it doesn’t feel as though what’s happening to Sonny is any joke.

So will he survive? Nothing is guaranteed, but we can certainly think at the moment that things are going to go from bad to so much worse. He’s going to feel the walls metaphorically closing in on him — there are few worse ways to die than drowning and panic is going to settle in for him. He’s been in near-death situations — all of the team has — but this is something a little bit different. This is a crisis that could stick with all of them in some shape or form. First and foremost, though, we have to see whether or not some of these characters can make it through this. In the aftermath of it, we’ll be able to better assess everyone’s mental health.

We’re excited to see this episode, even if it is probably going to leave a massive pit in our stomach. It’s not the sort of thing that we’re altogether used to seeing and that’s certainly what makes this show exciting. Every week you have some different challenges and issues that the team has to deal with.

Let’s just hope that there are going to be some more opportunities for danger, surprises, and so much more in the weeks to come. We’re glad, at least for now, to have a big Sonny spotlight.

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