Siren season 2 promo teases Ryn, Maddie, and Ben dynamic

Siren season 2Leading up to the premiere of Siren season 2 on Freeform Thursday night, there’s a lot to look out for. There’s a chance to see an expansion of the show’s mermaid mythology as well as a larger environmental message. This is a show that has a larger message behind the fun of mermaids and that’s something we’ve really appreciated.

Yet, one of the latest previews released by Freeform for the new season (which you can check out below) plants the focus on a reasonably-simple topic: The relationship between Ryn, Maddie, and Ben. It makes some sense for the network to want to hype this up, given that it was one of the more noteworthy relationships through much of season 1. The potential polyamorous nature of it makes it stand out within a larger sea of TV ‘ships, and there are so many complicated layers that are wedged within it. How much is the Siren song playing a factor here, if at all? Is Ryn drawn closer to one of them more than the other?

There are still so many different dynamics to explore between these three in the upcoming season, and the promo below does a good job of amplifying that. While the video below is entitled “Mermaid Love Triangle,” at the same time this is no traditional love triangle. You see reminders that Ben is drawn to Ryn, but also that Maddie feels the same way. Season 2 has more episodes and with that, a chance to see a larger expansion of the relationship that exists here. Since there are so many feelings that are out there for all three characters, it’s not as though this is an easy situation for the writers to resolve. Even if they move Ryn in one direction, the reactions of Ben and Maddie to that could have a major bearing in the story to come.

Ultimately, the good news here is that you aren’t going to have to wait too much longer to get an understanding of how this dynamic is going to play out this season. We don’t exactly think that this is a storyline that the series can just blow past in the premiere episode; one way or another, it will be at the forefront of conversation. After the way these relationships were left in the season 1 premiere (pretty much they all were blown to pieces) we want to know what’s next.

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What do you think about the latest Siren season 2 promo, and what do you want to see for these characters moving forward? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment! Of course, be sure to stay tuned to get some other information on the show — including a full review of the premiere after it airs. (Photo: Freeform.)

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