The Blacklist season 6 episode 4 review: Who is Jared Todd Klepper?

The Blacklist logo any seasonTonight, The Blacklist season 6 episode 4 delivered a heck of an entertaining story in “The Pawnbrokers” — one that gave you both some innovative Blacklisters and then also Reddington finding his way within prison.

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Let’s start here with Reddington tonight, who struggled at first to figure out how to fit in behind bars. After all, it goes without saying that there would be someone behind bars who had a grudge against Reddington — and we saw that via a criminal who, ironically, was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t even commit involving an armored truck.

Reddington didn’t take too well to this guy, especially since he wasn’t being altogether kind to Vontae, his new friend behind bars. Vontae almost became his Dembe, and in some ways we got a pretty good sense during this episode as to why Dembe has such a close connection to Reddington. He’s able to find disadvantaged people and make them feel special; he’s able to be almost a father figure to them. What Reddington did tonight was all sorts of brilliant — establish a chain of command involving rats and string to the outside, figure out a way to communicate with Dembe, and then use the case of the Pawnbrokers to make sure that his adversary ended up getting out of prison, where he would inevitably be killed. This was a guy who didn’t actually want to be released, mostly due to the fact that horrible things would be awaiting him there.

At the end of the episode, Reddington was actually able to succeed with this plan and then some — as a result of that, it seemed like almost all of gen-pop was ready and willing to cater to his every need.

About the Pawnbrokers

There’s a universe where we consider these two characters to be quite adorable, mostly in that they were this older couple who accomplished great things in starting a pawnshop. Yet, they also used it in order to set up a criminal exchange for high-valued stolen goods, including key Chinese intel. After getting the case the FBI worked to secure the information, which is why Samar went undercover as a means to retrieve it. She set up everything perfectly, at least until they were interrupted and one of the Pawnbrokers was killed.

While Cooper and the team were able to trace the ambush back to their new collaborator, a traitor in their midst, what matters more to Reddington here is that there was information tied to this case that led to his plan coming together.

Who is Jared Todd Klepper?

That’s the big question coming out the end of this episode, as Jennifer was able to track down this guy’s name — he may have visited Dr. Koehler not too long after Reddington did, and he may have some information as to who this imposter really is.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Blacklist delivered us another great, high-octane episode tonight, and there was certainly a lot of fun that went into seeing Reddington behind bars. More than just fun, though, it was another reminder of how dangerous he can be when the dust settles.

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