MacGyver season 3 episode 13 review: Who is Tiberius Kovacs?

MacGyver season 3 episode 13

Tonight, MacGyver season 3 episode 13 threw Mac out into the wild — but not in the way that he either wanted or expected.

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At the heart of this episode was Mac doing whatever he could to teach both Riley and Bozer survival skills while out in the wilderness. He got rid of most of their basic supplies, but what he didn’t expect was to run into a group of dangerous criminals. They were searching for what was, effectively, their own version of buried treasure, and they decided that they were going to do whatever they could in order to ensure they could use Mac to help with their hunt.

While Mac found himself in a massive pickle, we saw Bozer and Riley realize over time that something was wrong when he turned up missing. That’s why they sprung into action in order to find him — thought it took some evading criminals themselves to make that happen. In the end, they were able to find him, but he was in such bad shape after battling some of the bad guys (and blowing up a money stash) that they had to use some of what he taught them to keep him alive. Mission accomplished!

Matty and Jack’s story

While the rest of the core team was out in the field, Matty ended up working with Jack in order to ensure that Ethan and his new family were safe after learning that his other cover back in America was in jeopardy. This wasn’t a particularly-dangerous sideplot, at least when it comes to shootouts or bad guys chasing them in a visible fashion. Instead, it was more about Matty getting some closure on her past, and helping Ethan find a way to move towards his own future.

There was some conflict here, but it played out in a rather surprising way. Apparently, Ethan hadn’t told his new love about all of his past with Matty, and once his new family was moved to Nebraska, Matty did her part in order to reassure his new wife. She thought, going into this mission, that it would emotionally devastate her in some way. Yet, in the end, she felt nothing but wanting to make sure that he and his family were going to be okay. She worked hard so that this could happen.

Who is Tiberius Kovacks?

That’s your cliffhanger, as Jack uncovered a secret that stretches far back into his past at the end of the episode. This little tease could set the stage for what’s coming up in the near future, and some of the trouble he could be in down the line.

CarterMatt Verdict

Like top-notch action, or interesting character drama? No matter who you are, there’s a pretty good chance that this episode of the show will satisfy.

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