The Orville season 2 episode 4 review: Ed’s capture, Billy Joel, & Gordon’s future

OrvilleThe Orville season 2 episode 4 presented an episode that didn’t spend a lot of time focusing on what happened with Alara. Instead, the crew moved forward and dealt with a story that was largely about Ed doing everything that he could in order to survive after being betrayed.

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Janelle was one of the new people aboard the crew this year, and over the course of this season we’ve seen her develop an interest in Ed. He looked at her almost as salvation, and a chance to heal his heart after having it smashed by everything that happened with Kelly. Given that she was moving on, it made sense for him to try and do the same. They went on an excursion in this episode, ripe with plans for the future and the fine tunes of Billy Joel.

Yet, as the episode went along it was clear that Janelle wasn’t who she claimed to be. Instead, she was an alien in disguise, someone ready to cause him pain and further along a war. At one point, Ed was locked away and it seemed like all hope was lost. That was before “Janelle’s” own ship was attacked and eventually, the two found themselves stranded in the wilderness until Ed was able to put a signal up for The Orville to find him.

In a lot of ways, this hour was remarkably simple given how so much of it revolved around Ed turning the other cheek and showing kindness to someone who threatened his life and emotionally tormented him. Despite being at gunpoint for much of the episode he still saw the good in her, and refused to believe that she was precisely akin to the picture she was presenting to people. He promised her that he take care of her and, in the end, he did. That appeal to her, and that reminder that there was a part of Janelle in her regardless of if it was a ruse, both kept him safe and maybe also created just a brief bridge of peace between the two. Whether or not it lasts remains to be seen, but Ed did give her a nice parting gift before she was picked up at The Orville at the end of the episode: Billy Joel’s greatest hits.

What was equally fun about this episode was seeing how Ed’s excursion with Janelle led to Gordon deciding that he wanted to begin training to lead his own ship someday — he seemed to do it out of heartache given his own feelings for Janelle, not realizing that she was an imposter the whole time. We think he may be re-thinking that decision slightly at this point, no?

CarterMatt Verdict

We do think that the first three episodes of the season were polarizing in a number of ways, whether it be the departure of Alara to Bortus’ simulator addiction to the relationship-heavy premiere. This is probably the episode that is the closest to The Orville in its signature form, an hour with a great space story and also a larger message at the end.

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