Gotham season 5 episode 3 review: Selina Kyle versus Ecco

Tonight, Gotham season 5 episode 3 delivered a story that, to be frank, was pretty awesome. We’ve complimented the show on its slow evolution to becoming Batman over the years, and tonight it absolutely delivered on that and then some.

Let’s be clear that technically, Ecco isn’t Harley Quinn is the same thing as Jeremiah not being the Joker. Yet, at the same time she bears many similarities, whether it be the psychosis to the ability to take glee in the death of others. We do think that a lot of comics as of late have really glamorized this character, and caused people to forget along the way that she is a pretty nasty villain who has done some terrible things. We’d consider much of the episode tonight to be a reminder of that as she got some of Jeremiah’s followers to effectively murder each other.

The main focus for Selina tonight was rather simple, as she did more or less everything that she could to track down Jeremiah. That meant infiltrating one of the initiation sequences for joining his crew — which led, in turn, to a pretty epic showdown with Ecco. This was, by far, the coolest part of the episode. The fight scenes were exquisite, and it felt like a genuine Catwoman vs. Harley Quinn battle now that Selina has tipped the scales more towards darkness. However, because of Bruce, Selina wasn’t able to get in a good, final blow on Ecco and she got away. With that, she’s not any closer to revenge than she once was. Plus, to go along with that, Ecco’s got a little more intel on her than she did before.

Be honest: How many of you out there cheered when Ecco said the iconic Harley Quinn line of “Puddin”? For us, it was a nice reminder that one word makes all the difference.

Gordon, Penguin work together — sort of

Oswald’s motivations are at times difficult to figure out, but the reality here is that he needs followers. Without a crew of people around him, there no way that he can do some of what he wants. There was something fascinating when it came to him working alongside Jim Gordon tonight with that in mind, as temporary as this alliance may be. Were it not for the explosions at the end, it’s also possible that he may have ended up sacrificing his own life for him as Barbara threatened to shoot his way through Jim to go to Oswald, who she understandably wants nothing more than to destroy.

This story was mostly about the positioning of territory and Oswald wanting to hold to some element of power — but we consider it almost a two-parter, with some of the biggest stuff with it still to come.

CarterMatt Verdict

As interesting as the dynamics of Haven and Penguin’s inner circle may be, we’re not going to lie — this episode was very much to us all about watching Selina become more like Catwoman and do battle with Gotham’s interpretation of another iconic villain. Through watching this, we got a very clear feeling that there is a lot to like for virtually the remainder of this season.

What did you think about Gotham season 5 episode 3 overall? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Stay tuned, as we’ll have some more news coming up on the show soon.

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