Floribama Shore season 2 episode 23 video: Codi asks Candace out

Floribama ShoreTonight, Floribama Shore season 2 episode 23 is coming onto MTV and there are going to be some elements of it that are very much romantic! You don’t often think about that in relation to this show — which shouldn’t really be a shock since were talking about one that often features drinking, partying, and all sorts of utter ridiculousness.

Yet, on tonight’s episode Codi is going to do everything that he can in order to have a wonderful date with Candace, and that includes him going the extra mile. That’s the focus of the new sneak peek below, which features Codi coming up with a surprise for Candace — he chooses to bring in some flowers and put them on her bed alongside a hand-written note. Codi has long had a crush on Candace and at one point earlier on we thought he had a good shot with her – that was before Gator Jay came in and mucked it all up for him (and for us cause we really want to see this couple happen!).

He knows her fairly well at this point after spending the past two seasons living and traveling around with her. It’s almost a shame that this is happening so late in the season, given that if it goes well, it’s going to be hard for us to get a chance to see a lot the relationship growth on the show itself. There’s a good bit of it that we may have to wait until a possible season 3 to see … if the date goes well. Fingers crossed!

What we can say for now is this: There’s some genuine excitement happening here. Codi seems to be rather thrilled to be able to make this sort of gesture and for Candace, she’s apparently happy to just have an opportunity to go on a date like this. It’s something that she hasn’t really been able to have in her life all that much over the years, and she appreciates the effort that is being made here. We personally do like that we’re seeing a different side of both of these people through this, but we’ll see how the date goes before making any sort of larger assumption about their future.

As sweet as this sneak peek is, don’t think that the entire episode is going to be all romance and roses. At some point, we’re going to see some of the cast members involved in a testy situation — the police are going to be involved in a situation out on the road. There’s probably also going to be a heated argument or two, mostly because it wouldn’t be Floribama Shore unless we had that in some shape or form.

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