Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 9 review: Owen, Meredith face choices

MeredithTonight, Grey’s Anatomy had a lot to take on, in between difficult romantic decisions, stuck elevators, and in the end, people in near-death situations.

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Yet, it seems like most of our favorites are emerging on the other side of it — though some still have big decisions to make. That includes Dr. Meredith Grey, who had a chance to bond with Andrew DeLuca through most of the episode after the two were stuck in an elevator together. While there, we learned that Meredith understands DeLuca’s Italian far better than she let on (she studied it in university) and 2) DeLuca has a far more interesting backstory than we realized. As it turns out, his father is a renowned surgeon, but also someone who has mental illness and is responsible for killing some of his patients in a manic state. Because of the people he knew he’d always be acquitted for what happened.

DeLuca and Meredith certainly got closer in the elevator, but they didn’t exactly get to the point where they were kissing. Right when they were about to, the elevators started to work. The real reason to pair these two up is because there’s some obvious chemistry there between the characters and there’s already somewhat of a friendship; yet, there are also obstacles, including his history with Maggie and the fact that she is his superior. The show did address that Meredith was previously with her own superior in Derek, but she claimed tonight (in a lighthearted way) that she was learning from the past.

Then, at the end of the episode, Link turns up. Meredith opted not to choose to go out with either of them at the end of the episode, but certainly still seems to be keeping her options open.

What about Owen?

As it turns out, he’s in a fairly similar spot. At the end of tonight’s episode Kevin McKidd’s character found himself in a situation where he had to choose between Amelia (his most-recent love) and then Teddy, the woman who is having his baby. He seemed to be quick to make his choice in Amelia, given that they were trying to make things work before he learned the news from Teddy that she was expecting.

Yet, Amelia made it clear to him that she wants him to take some time to ponder this over — don’t rush it, which makes sense if she wants the two to have a relationship that actually lasts at the end of the day.

Some good news

When it comes to Levi and Nico, it does feel like the two are going to continue to move forward in a positive direction after their ambulance hook-up … and Alex also gave them better advice on places to do it moving forward where there’s an actual lock on the door.

Some bad news

This is actually a little more common coming out of this episode, as Amelia realized separate from Owen that Betty needed to go to rehab. Meanwhile, Richard was finally clued in about Catherine’s condition from Jackson, who was trying to come to grips with that while also trying to solve the hospital’s elevator crisis. He was able to do so with help of a local repair tech, who was reluctant to give it his all until he realized that one of the people endangered was Cece, who was responsible with setting him up with another member of the staff.

The repair guy, with some help from Jackson, was able to open up one of the elevators enough so that they were able to get Cece the donation that she needed; yet, things went awry and it was very close to a life-altering crisis for the guy. He almost lost his legs, but the doctors were able to get to him and treat him in the right amount of time. Hey, there’s nowhere better to hurt yourself than a hospital, right?

Finally, there’s also Bailey. It’s starting to feel like her relationship with Ben is becoming too overwhelming. She’s someone who likes to feel safe and likes to be in control; yet, with Ben’s job there is none of that. She struggled in the midst of the windstorm, not knowing he was okay until he sent her a text. Sadly, that’s the closest thing we’re getting to a Station 19 storyline for a good while now.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, Grey’s Anatomy brought you a lot of content for a story that was sweet, sentimental, and then also sad at times — even with the organ, Cece still didn’t make it through the end of the episode. We’re not sure how much was actually resolved, but sometimes, the journey’s just as good as the resolution. We’ll get there in due time.

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