Outlander season 4 episode 12 sneak peek: Roger as Dogface

OutlanderLeading up to Outlander season 4 episode 12 airing on Starz Sunday night, we have a new sneak peek all about Roger! We just wish that this came with some good news for the character…

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As you can see in the preview below, Roger finds himself still in the captivity of the Mohawk tribe, and he also learns from his fellow captive that there is a nickname he’s been christened with: Dogface. Apparently, the Mohawk are rather fond of dogs … so at least Roger has that going for him, right? It’s just about the only thing at the moment.

This sneak peek seems to exist mostly to remind us of how desperate Roger’s current situation is at the moment — he’s all the way in the province of New York at Shadow Lake, and this is so painful for Roger given that he traveled so far down to North Carolina in order to be with Brianna after being dragged away from there by Stephen Bonnet. After all of that, and then being beaten to a pulp by Jamie, he finds himself far away from Bree once more. Given that he’s at the home of the Mohawk, it’s hard to imagine there ever being a way in which he’s going to be able to escape this present predicament. They know the land better than him, and they certainly outnumber him.

The only hope that Roger has at the moment is that Jamie and Claire somehow find a way in order to locate him, but he cannot exactly bank on that. He doesn’t know where they are, let alone that they are looking for them. The good news is that Young Ian was able to determine that the Mohawk village is at Shadow Lake, so at least he’s been given the right information. From here, the challenge is just finding a way to free Roger once they get there. Even though Young Ian sold Roger to the tribe, that doesn’t mean they are obligated to sell him back. Given that they call him “Dogface” (which, ironically, is one of the nicknames we have for our actual dog and CarterMatt CEO Coco Vanderwoof), they may not be so inclined to let him go without something substantial in return…

As noted, Outlander season 4 episode 12 is airing on Starz Sunday night; it will be available early on the app / On-Demand, as every other episode of the series is.

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