Steve Carell, The Office EP reunite for Space Force sitcom at Netflix

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For those of you who miss Steve Carell as the lead of a comedy series, we come bearing big news — intergalactic news, even.

Today, Netflix confirmed that they have handed a series order to Space Force (yes, that is currently the title), a comedy co-created by Carell alongside The Office executive producer Greg Daniels. While there isn’t a whole lot else known about the show just yet, what more do you really need?

We know that for years now, Carell has been bombarded with questions about whether or not he will do a reunion for The Office — there was recently a whole spoof about it on Saturday Night Live. It’s been a question that Steve gets on a daily basis, but he’s held fairly firm expressing doubt that it could work. For starters, we’re not sure that The Office would even get on TV in 2019. (Think about the episodes “Diversity Day” and “Gay Witch Hunt” for moments that wouldn’t fly on TV nowadays) Beyond just that, Carell seems to be the sort of actor who prefers to look forward rather than look back.

Space Force certainly represents Carell trying to look forward. The name and likely the premise for the show are clear references to something that Donald Trump has expressed an interest in, and this would likely be some sort of send-up on the idea. It’s certainly not a concept in this show to be taken seriously, but we’re thinking of it right now more so as a workplace comedy with a twist than something meant to be political commentary alone. It’s dangerous to judge a show like this without even seeing a second of it — just think of everyone out there who was quick to judge The Orville based solely on the presence of Seth MacFarlane behind the scenes. While it does have some of his signature comedy, it is hardly a live action recreation of either Family Guy or Ted set in outer space.

Being that this project was just announced today, we don’t think that you’re going to be seeing Space Force on the air in the near future. Just keep binge-watching old episodes of The Office for now — without that show’s dominance on Netflix, we’re not actually sure that Space Force gets made in the first place. Also, maybe hearing this announcement will be enough to satisfy some people out there who are upset about Netflix hiking up their subscription rates across the board.

What do you think about the idea of Space Force? Be sure to share in the attached comments. Once there is some more news to report on with this show, including more of the cast, we’ll have it for you here. (Photo: Netflix.)

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