This Is Us season 3 episode 10 review: Did Jack know about Nicky?

This Is Us season 3After a long hiatus, This Is Us season 3 episode 10 did a nice job of pushing some of the main stories forward — even if it didn’t offer up full resolution to all of them.

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To us, the #1 storyline out there is the one involving Nicky and the truth — and for good reason, given that we’ve learned this character is actually still out there. Tonight, Kevin Pearson figured in out himself as well. While he hasn’t seen him in the flesh, finding a way to access his military records (thanks to Zoe’s ex, a man who is now in Congress) led to him eventually getting a little more information that he was alive and well. He also learned about Nicky’s Clark Kent nickname, which in turn led to a postcard turning up from Nicky to Jack signed “CK.” It’s pretty clear to surmise now that Jack knew his brother was alive and chose to keep it from everyone. That’s why Jack didn’t want to visit the Vietnam Wall in Washington, knowing that his brother’s name would not be included among the deceased.

Judging from what we learned about in terms of the military records, it seems as though Nicky was kept away from the family by nature of his stability. This is someone Jack did not want to expose anyone to.

Now, Kevin knows that there’s at least an address for Nicky in Bradford, Pennsylvania. He does also seemingly have someone at his side in Zoe. Relationship-wise, this episode was about trying to figure out if these two could work out living together. Kevin pushed her into the arrangement, but didn’t know or understand that he was doing that. He didn’t understand how much Zoe needed to feel safe inside of her own home because of her past — this is why her relationship with the Congressman didn’t work (she was never really willing to commit to a move) and it caused some problems and one especially-heated argument. Yet, at the conclusion of the episode tonight at Randall’s election party she confirmed what so many of us knew already: She is in love with him. They’re going to give this relationship a real try and if you’ve been rooting for them, you can certainly celebrate this great news.

Speaking of Randall and the election, we finally learned the truth tonight: He won! It was a tight battle but due to a hard-fought campaign (and possibly a reversal from the local city Reverend, who realized that he was a decent man and would represent his constituents as well as Saul Brown), he was able to squeak it out and pull off an enormous upset. Now, Randall’s life is going to revolve around politics and we do think that there’s a chance he continues that into the future. We wouldn’t be shocked to learn that future Randall is actually in Congress or a Senator at that point.

There’s also good news for Randall and Beth — while we don’t know what the future holds for them, they did work through their differences at the end of the episode and seem to be back in good graces once more. Randall wasn’t being attentive enough to his family during the election, but as he figured that out and Beth also recognized how much it meant to him and started to come around to more events. The perception of Randall as a family man certainly helped his win.

Finally, tonight brought us a little bit of good news for Kate and Toby in that they now have a nursery for the unborn baby! Kate also went through a lot of trouble to re-secure some old action figures of Toby’s after she accidentally gave them away, and Toby returned the favor by creating a mock Three Rivers Stadium for her, emulating something that Jack made for her when she was a kid.

CarterMatt Verdict

While there wasn’t necessarily a single transformative performance tonight on This Is Us, we did have an entertaining, thoughtful hour of television about relationships culminating in some big reveals that shape the future of the Pearson’s lives. Next week is when some of the drama may be truly taken to another level.

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