God Friended Me episode 13 review: Miles, Cara, and a little red lighthouse

God friended meTonight, God Friended Me episode 13 gave Miles, Cara, and Rakesh arguably its biggest challenge that they’ve taken on so far. After all, how do you manage to help 76 people all at one time?

At the start of the episode, Miles found himself receiving this oh-so-daunting task by the God Account and he had to figure out a way in which to make it happen. As it turns out, all of these people were linked to the same building, a New York institution who had many residents who’d been there for the entirety of their lives. Yet, it was this same building that was also potentially about to be sold to a new buyer, someone who could force all of these residents to move.

Somehow, someway, Miles and Cara had to lead the large in keeping this from happening, and it happened to do with a little red lighthouse. This was tied to a popular book, and it just so happened that this said book was written by a one-time resident of the building. It just so turns out that the father of the building’s owner was trying to rush the building to be sold in order to ensure that it could happen before it was declared a national landmark. With that in mind, there was a race against time in order to ensure that someone could be done for this building manager to save herself. It was her name on the building and with that in mind, it was going to be her who took the fall if things go south.

Eventually, though, she was able to use her own skill set to ensure that the building wouldn’t be sold to anyone other than herself. She was able to keep the building safe and these 76 people were officially taken care of, once and for all.

Was there a larger, personal update?

For Rakesh, it turns out that he isn’t losing his job as he once suspected — instead, he’s got a better position at the company! (Ironically, the company knowing that Rakesh was up to something with the God Account ended up being key to him getting the job.)

Meanwhile, it’s clear that Miles and Cara are getting closer after he brought her a first edition of her red lighthouse book. There are definitely some feelings there, even if they take a little while in order

CarterMatt Verdict

In terms of the case-of-the-week story, we had one of the most powerful ones of the season, one in which people rallied together in order to save a building. This episode was also one about relationships and family. For Miles, we saw Arthur end up getting a little bit closer to having love again in his life — meanwhile, Miles’ sister Ali is going to stick with her for a little while at his place after getting into an argument with Dee.

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