Victoria season 3 UK premiere date still unclear as premiere airs in USA

Victoria season 3We’re certainly at a strange time when it comes to Victoria season 3 — even though the series is premiering tonight on PBS, there is still no firm UK premiere date on ITV!

Before we do anything else, we should just start things off here by noting the strangeness of this situation as a whole. How often is it that we get a situation in which a British series premieres in America before coming on in the UK? We do understand the frustration that every single person seems to have about this situation right now.

Instead of airing new Victoria episodes at the moment, ITV is airing Vera season 9 instead. They are clearly banking on the fact that viewers are going to want to watch the series whenever it comes on the air, but it’s still a strange thing to imagine the show not coming on in its home country for a little while still.

So why is this happening? This is probably the question that is worth asking more so than any other right now. If we were to conjure up a theory about this, it probably goes a little bit like this: PBS likes the show to premiere at the same time every year and with that in mind, they didn’t want to wait to launch season 3 just because it was being pushed back in the UK. Filming for season 3 did start a little bit later than usual, as star Jenna Coleman did another project during her hiatus in The Cry. That may be why it didn’t come on ITV this past fall — it just wasn’t ready, and the network didn’t want to delay their other scheduled programming just to get Victoria on the air prior to it coming on in America.

More than likely, this won’t impact the Victoria ratings too much since it is rather hard to watch US airings of shows in the UK without them airing on some sort of UK broadcast partner. Do we still understand the frustration here? Certainly, mostly because there are plenty of American shows already that UK viewers are not getting to see until after the fact. Adding a British series to this mix, one celebrating one of the country’s most-notable monarchs, is a situation that is certainly less than ideal.

We will be providing coverage of the US airings of Victoria throughout the bulk of its season, but we will do our best to warn as to spoilers — then again, we’re not sure how much can be spoiled of a show that is based on well-known parts of history.

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Are you disappointed that UK viewers are having to wait for Victoria until after the show launches in America? Be sure to share now in the comments. (Photo: ITV.)

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