The Orville season 2: How can Alara come back in the future?

The Orville - AlaraAt the moment, we’re still reeling to a certain extent from this past episode of The Orville season 2. How could we not be? We potentially lost a beloved character on the show in Alara, someone we’d certainly love to get back on the show at one point. We are taking the end of this past episode seriously, and for two different reasons — the show took it seriously, and they spent a lot of time building up her decision to go back home and also allowing her to have a goodbye.

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Now that we’ve spelled that out, though, we do want to pose this question: How are you going to bring this character back? Can you? We think the simple answer to that is yes. Alara didn’t leave The Orville under contentious terms; she left instead thinking that she had another mission for herself more personal at home. She is in the process of following her heart, and that’s always the right way to make choices.

Of course, with this being said, her heart could eventually lead her back to the ship. Maybe she arrives back home and realizes that she misses her crew and that part of her life; or, maybe something arises that makes her realize that the best way to protect those she cares about is to be a part of the team again. There’s also another way to look at this, as well — what if there’s a situation in which Ed and Kelly need her? We have a feeling that if they were to reach out and say that they absolutely needed her help, she wouldn’t say no. With that, we’ve got what we like to call a fairly open-ended exit. It all really comes down to the writing and also what Halston Sage wants to do as a performer.

Ultimately, the creative freedom is what we love the most about a show like The Orville — there are no shortage of great opportunities and options in the writers room here. There’s also a never-say-never spirit about it. With future episodes so under lock and key right now, who is to say precisely where the remainder of this story is going to go?

Ultimately, we’ll keep close watch on where this story is going the rest of the season — just remember that we’re still in the early stages of it!

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