Blue Bloods season 9 episode 12 review: Jamie, Eddie’s wedding venue; Danny’s basketball case

Blue Bloods season 9

Tonight, Blue Bloods season 9 episode 12 brought you an episode that was dramatic at times, romantic at others, and chock full of some important conversations.

With Danny Reagan, this was a chance to really dive into a fascinating case that had to do with basketball, with sports betting, and also competition at large. What we liked about it, beyond getting to see a different sort of environment with the show, was having a chance to just explore New York sports culture given the fact that it doesn’t get brought up as much as we would imagine in some ways given just how sports-crazy the entire city of New York can be at times.

For Frank Reagan, meanwhile, what he had to figure out was how to right what he considered to be a great wrong from his past — letting a quality officer go over an incident that was viewed as incendiary in the current climate. He wanted to find a way to make it right to her, but, for the most part, his attempts to do so were spurned. This wasn’t just about him trying to make it right; it was about doing so in a way where she felt comfortable back on the job and in an environment where she had some true support. We do think that she found that in the end thanks in part to Jamie, who is now her Sergeant.

Speaking of which, maybe Jamie realized tonight that his new, older partner tonight didn’t quite offer the best advice — or was particularly a bold, daring cop, either. This is a guy who told Jamie to try and skimp on the wedding, which, to the surprise of no one, Eddie was offended by. He then had to try and backpedal a little bit so that he could make it clear that this was not his intention; he was always going to be interested in being frugal, but it did seem like the two figured that out at the end of the episode when he suggested a venue that could meet everyone’s specifications.

Finally, we turn to Erin, who found herself in a difficult position because of a DUI case that included a major complication — mental-health issues and self-medicating that led to her committing an accident that led to the death of a little boy. This complication led to Erin pushing for a lesser sentence, which in turn infuriated the late boy’s mother. This was difficult for Erin to determine what was right, and how to make sure justice was probably served — it was a compromise, but with this one, it was a situation where there were no clear winners.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a pretty fantastic episode in terms of cramming in a lot of content, and also giving you some interesting things to think about. This is when the show is at its best — one where every character is doing something interesting and stands out from the pack.

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