MacGyver season 3 episode 12 review: Should Charlotte Cole return?

Bridget Regan

Tonight, MacGyver season 3 episode 12 featured a great guest spot from Bridget Regan as Charlotte Cole. It also made us miss White Collar immensely.

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Cole’s arrival on the show came in the early going, as we ended up seeing the Phoenix bring her in to help with an important mission that they were embarking on. She was a master thief and they were willing to offer her a deal: Work with them, and she would steer clear of jail. However, if she chose a different outcome, likely meant that she would never see the outside of a cell again. It’s understandably why Charlotte, who doubles as a mother of two kids, chose to take part in the latest mission — with some extremely high stakes. The objective? Track down a notorious criminal known as The Fence, and in order to do that, they had to uncover a dirty bomb.

Before we even got to the actual heist itself, there was a lot of fun to be had watching the team prepare for the heist — that included seeing a great deal of thoughtful planning for each and every step, including some really coop stunts for Regan and Lucas Till. Of course, the irony here is that once they all arrived to the scene of the heist, a lot of that went out the window. They had to improvise in order to get that dirty bomb back … and also save a number of people in the process.

Here’s the twist

While Charlotte went along with much of the Phoenix Foundation’s plans, that all changed the moment she saw an opportunity to take the bomb for herself. She jumped at the chance to do that and with that, she took the dirty bomb and left Mac handcuffed to a table.

Charlotte clearly thought that she was going to be able to bring the dirty bomb to the dealer in order to get the hefty payout on the other side, but clearly, she underestimated the powers of Team Phoenix to get Mac out of there. This is where things got tricky since they had to then find a way to track down Charlotte and make it to the meet with The Fence. This led to Riley trying to keep up her ruse as Charlotte (which she first put on to get the mission in the first place) to create some confusion. It worked briefly, but soon after that it was revealed that the bad guys had Charlotte’s real family. Were it not for the rest of Mac’s team showing up at the last second, Riley and Charlotte both would’ve been dead.

After the showdown, it was revealed that Charlotte wasn’t actually going to turn the dirty bomb over to the Fence in the first place. She had learned that they had her family and she had just brought the bomb (which wasn’t an actual bomb, but a fake) in hopes of getting them back.

CarterMatt Verdict

We know that some out there will be bummed about the lack of Jack in this episode, but we gotta get used to that on some level. What was a little more surprising, meanwhile, was learning that Leanna may be having second thoughts about moving in with Bozer. What gives with that?

Rather than focus on who wasn’t around this week, let’s focus on what we had tonight — a fun episode with a lot of heist elements. This was good enough in order to make us really hope that we see Regan again — which seems possible, since she’s now got a new job working with the government rather than going to prison. We’re hoping we see her again.

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