Sex Education season 2 renewal odds: Will it happen at Netflix?

Following its big premiere today, are there high hopes out there for a Sex Education season 2 at Netflix? Should there be? Within this article, we want to do our best to get talk about the odds.

Let’s kick things off here by stating that, at present, there has been no firm renewal for the British series starring Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson. This show was an opportunity for Anderson in particular to do something different following her time on the X-Files revival, something that is funny at times and allows her to play a very different sort of role than any she is known for. This series has a tone that is uniquely its own and explores teen issues in a very up-close-and-personal sort of way.

Basically, this is a show with promise, and absolutely one that could have more stories to tell if all parties involved want that to be the case.

With that being said, this is the sort of show that is not guaranteed more kicks at the metaphorical can, largely due to the fact that coming-of-age series don’t often have the ability to tell stories for a long period of time. Once you make it to the point of great evolution for the characters, where else is there for you to go? It’s something to think about, and many shows in this sort of vein don’t have a tendency to have a super-long life on the air.

Beyond this, there’s also the question of just how long Netflix wants to keep it around in the first place, since almost all of that will be based on streaming numbers, reviews, and the buzz that comes (or doesn’t) over the next few weeks. One of the biggest problems the service has, at least in our mind, is more content at present than they even know what to do with. They are almost drowning in it at this point with there being even two major shows premiering today in this one and also Friends From College.

Netflix a few years ago may have been quick to renew Sex Education for more. However, the Netflix of today probably is not anywhere near as enthusiastic to renew every little thing that they have. The future of this show is going to probably be dependent on how it performs over the next couple of months — it’s more so about how many people finish the show than it is how many people watch the first episode. Netflix will need to look ahead towards the future.

Do you want to see a Sex Education season 2 renewal happen at Netflix down the line? Be sure to share right now in the comments and stay tuned for some other insight.

Photo: Netflix

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