SWAT season 2 episode 12 video: Hondo spends time with his mom

SWATWant to know what lies ahead on SWAT season 2 episode 12? Well, we have to start off here with a reminder that Debbie Allen is returning to the series. Given that she has a tendency to make just about everything better, there’s a good bit to like from her return.

So why is she back for this particular episode? For starters, it seems to be tied to a new project that Shemar Moore’s character is working on at her home. He is doing some renovations for her, but in the process of this, he starts to feel a little bit of strain. It’s not something that is coming just from helping her out, though; instead, it’s tied a little bit more to the wide array of things that he has going on in his life. When you are in the position that he is professionally, you have to be aware of the fact that there’s only going to be so much time in your schedule. From there, you really should use as much of that schedule as humanly possible to sleep since you don’t really know when you’re going to get that opportunity again. This is, after all, not something that tends to come about on all that regular a basis.

We don’t necessarily think that this preview is chock full of huge revelations, but that’s not really what it is actually about in the end. We think the larger purpose here is mostly to remindly everyone of the relationship that exists between Hondo and his mom to go along with giving us an opportunity to get a little bit more insight on the character’s past. This is something that we personally welcome just because there are really only so many times that we get to see the show hone in and focus on it. That in itself is because of the tremendous amount of time that is spent watching him take on some of these missions.

All in all, we’re always thrilled to be able to get Debbie Allen on this show, especially since she herself is rather busy with everything else that she has going on. Just on Grey’s Anatomy alone she is an executive producer, a director, and occasional actor. She’s got a lot on her plate and she constantly finds a way to still come out and give us some new, rather-great content to enjoy.

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