The Flash season 5 episode 10 trailer: The Reverse-Flash & Barry’s fury

The FlashJust by watching the latest The Flash season 5 episode 10 trailer (we have that for you below), there’s likely going to be one thought that enters your mind: The show that you’ve known and loved for quite a while is closer to being back. Everything that you’ve loved about the series, whether it be the villains, the action, or the personal drama, is being ratcheted up to another level and soon we will all get to be a part of it once again.

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We do think that this trailer serves as yet another important reminder that this show is always infinitely better when the Reverse-Flash is a significant part of the story. It’s just hard to think of it in any other way after the end of the 100th episode. Eobard Thawne is the most compelling villain the series has, mostly because he doesn’t often think in a straight line and his motivations are guarded. He’s not like many other villains within the world of the series who are simply evil and don’t care who knows it. That’s why he was able to build a relationship with Nora West-Allen in the future, one where he can now claim responsibility for her being able to go back to the past and see the father she never really knew. He was basically a mentor to her, though he did also choose to leave out one important piece of information: The fact that he is responsible for killing Barry’s mother and by extension, Nora’s grandmother.

While it still remains to be seen precisely where the story with the Reverse-Flash is going to go in season 5, Barry’s immediate future is going to be consumed by Cicada and the quest to take this man down. None of the plans that the team have had to take him out have worked and he’s still at large. When Nora gets injured, that’s going to unleash an inner rage that we haven’t quite seen from Barry before. He was warned during the Elseworlds crossover about letting his anger consume him to the point of becoming somewhat like Oliver Queen. We think that he’s going to try and heed that warning, but it’s a little bit hard when you have something so terrible happen to a person you care about and feel responsible to protect.

The Flash season 5 episode 10, entitled “The Flash & the Furious,” airs on The CW Tuesday night. If you head over to the link here, you can see some other news when it comes to what lies ahead.

What are you the most excited to see on the next part of The Flash season 5? Let us know now in the comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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